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Exercise from last meeting: Jan. 2nd., 2016

Home Layout With Stories

This week, we created a layout of a home we have lived or worked in that has special meaning to us. Within in each room, we created little stories of things that have happened in that room. 


Here are the instructions for the letter to your future self exercise for the next meeting. Don't feel obligated to do it. It's just an interesting process for the beginning of the year. Find a quiet time to write your letter where you will have no distractions. It is best to hand write the letters.

You can bring your letter in an envelope with your name and contact info on it and Kelly will hold on to the letters. We will also have envelopes available for you at the meeting. The letters will be given back in one year.

It is best to not keep a copy for yourself, but to remember instead what you wrote. If you feel that you must have reference to the letter you can write points of the letter separately and keep this. For example, you can list the most important points of the letter and keep it in your desk. But the best way is to write the letter, go on with your life and review it in a year. 

Have fun with this! Let your imagination go wild and see your best self in the next year. 

NOTE: These instructions are for an all-around idea of your future self in a year. If you wish, you can write it as it pertains to your writing journey, or make it broader. Your choice! Or, you could write one for your writing journey (what you hope to accomplish in a year with your writing) and one for a general idea of your future self. Whichever method you choose, make sure you include your writing goals!

From Celes of "Personal Excellence":

  1. Imagine writing to your future self exactly one year from now. What do you want to say to her? Some consideration points:
    • What do you want your future self to be like one year from now?
    • What are the different goals and dreams you want realized by then?
    • What is your desired status for your life wheel areas? Career/Business/Studies? Money/Wealth? Family? Friends? Love? Health? Spirituality? Recreation? Contribution? Self-Image?
  2. Once you’re done, sign off with your name and today’s date.
  3. Keep your letter in a safe place.
    • Put the papers in an envelope. Seal it.
    • On the cover, write “To [Your Name]. To be opened on [Date].” Replace “[Your Name]” with your name, with “[Date]” the date that’s one year from now.
    • Set an appointment in your calendar to open your letter one year from now.
    • Put this envelope in a safe place where no one can access it.
  4. Live your life like you’ve never lived it before! Work on the goals that you wrote about. Then open and read your letter one year from today. 

Here are some resources compiled for The Tahoe Writers Group.

 with your suggestions!

-Writers Digest Website: http://www.writersdigest.com . There's a lot of great info and resources on here. I have not done any of the classes, but they have too many to mention and are very specialized. Also, there are contests, the annual conference (New York City for 2017)

-The Write Practice: http://thewritepractice.com. This site has a section in their blog with very useful articles. Also, they send out a newsletter with tips for writers. 

-Valore Books: www.valorebooks.com CHEAP BOOKS! Usually, popular, readily stocked books are only 1 cent and you just have to pay for shipping!

- "J.K. Rowling: A Year In The Life": A fantastic documentary that follows J.K. Rowling for a year during the last few chapters of her last Potter book up to the time of the release of the book. 


-Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott. You can purchase it here.